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NAMASKAR WITH LOVE FOUNDATION is an Indian Humanitarian Organisation, originally engaged in enhancing the quality of learning & teaching process through the use of technology advances coupled with innovations in delivery mechanisms, able to develop vision, open new perspectives, increase chances, where education has found a new meaning based on the dissipation of the border concept and geographical boundary or resource limitation on behalf of children, teachers, educators, professionals following the path of shared reciprocal experience, able to bring a significant change in our children’s lives and foresee them wonders in their future.

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Namaskar with Love Foundation' Global Classroom is an innovative education platform to connect schools to global experts. It is all about bridging the gap between rural and urban students connecting them with World’s experts, so that our student to get the chance of being a global citizen.

The key factors that make NAMASKAR WITH LOVE FOUNDATION stand apart are its approaches in imparting Value Based eLearning, hands on research & project experience in education and technology sector, and an unparalleled reach to schools as well as to teachers working at grassroot level. Santosh Talghatti, the pioneering force behind Global Classroom Project, has over a decade of insightful experience on research in ICT & eLearning and conducting trainings at mass level. NAMASKAR WITH LOVE FOUNDATION uses advanced eLearning tools ensuring that high quality content from the best of teachers transcends the barriers of delivery and reaches to the interiors of the nation.

Our Initiative

Among many initiatives, NAMASKAR WITH LOVE FOUNDATION lays special emphasis on comprehensive research in high quality education and its effective implementation in rural schools and colleges all over India. Towards fulfillment of this initiative, NAMASKAR WITH LOVE FOUNDATION conducts subject tutoring, eLearning and value based education courses and conferences, workshops for promoting the use of ICT in Education, both face-to-face and online, with a firm belief that this noble act will indeed play a pivotal role in India’s national policy on education, that has one agenda as spreading Digital Literacy for empowerment and bridging Digital Divide in teaching & learning community.

Our Courses

The courses are designed to develop ICT skills in systematic and logical way building in consequence, confidence, develop competencies, talents, proficiency among teachers and students, transforming this humanitarian-educational vision into a reality, by improving their complex environment accordingly accelerating self-progress by all means. These methods are always helpful for teachers who are keen to acquire a set of ICT skills and achieve a collection of learning outcomes based on the actual practice of integrating ICT into their teaching method system. The courses introduce students to issues and practices in a range of educational research methodologies. Through interactive modules, students easily learn and strategically engage with research and plans of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim providing them a deep understanding of how increasing knowledge can play a major role in their future development in their educational growth and the way this can impact their future lives at all levels of their existence.


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  • e-Learning Program Implementation
  • Training & Development
  • Motivational Consultancy, Strategies and Technology
  • Smart Village Development
  • Innovative Smart School Activities
  • Inspirational Lectures for Teachers and Students
  • Fund Raising for equipping rural schools with facilities
  • Interactive Global Classroom Online Projects
  • Collaborative Teaching and Learning Experience
  • Internship Management
  • Educational app Development

Areas of Focus – Helping Every School to be Smarter and Function Global

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Our focus is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Rural India. We also work to connect schools to global experts for effective Communication skill development, global programs, to bring change in methodologies and based learning activity, Online Sessions, programs designed to empower teachers, students, communities etc. Entrepreneurship plays a strong role in addressing key innovations in technology and implement them in the Social Sector for the betterment of our society, addressing Education, Health, Environment, Water scarcity and many other such global, not only national challenges. NAMASKAR WITH LOVE FOUNDATION aims to bring the qualitative change in rural educational environment through counseling, setting up Smart Labs, Global Classroom Master Sessions and many such humanitarian projects of major importance for giving the right shape to our new generation, guiding them, empowering teachers and students to be efficient and become the active part of such Global Platform.

Funds and Additional Resources

NAMASKAR WITH LOVE FOUNDATION strongly believes in the power of connectivity and the significant importance of collaboration, therefore it has cultivated and reached a  consistent experience of working with corporate for executing CSR activities.

Your funding support and donations will help us to take care of all needed costs on behalf of the rural school’s urgent development. Your helpful funds are going to be appreciated with respect to consumption and Your valuable support will help us to achieve  all the above PURPOSES AND OBJECTIVES that we have drawn as goals to be accomplished in order to improve the learning environment and change lives for underprivileged and large categories of poor people, forever. Namaskar with love to YOU!