We work with You

With vast experience its belt, Namaskar with Love Foundation can be your right partner not only in designing and high level delivering a variety of eLearning programs customized for your needs, but also for ensuring the effective implementation after launching the program, without mentioning the importance of speedy implementation, exceptional quality and affordability, which are the hallmark of Namaskar with Love. Considering that technology is the new era’s classicism, we all need international standards in approach, seriousness and high quality from all points of view in those with whom we choose to build any sustainable future partnership sharing unique lessons to learn out of our collaboration. Together we can create an amazing working-investing-supportive space, where euphoria of fulfilling a well-done thing surrounding us, has a high degree of contagion.

Namaskar with Love Foundation supports companies that aim to strengthen their commitment towards a positive contribution to the rural development, school development, teacher empowerment and social change to provide the necessary support and achieve their CSR objectives.

With exceptional achievements such as thousands of hours of experience in teaching and change management, and a reach to over a Lac of learners including school teachers, government officers, corporate leaders,  Santosh Talghatti – an innovative ICT entrepreneur and motivational speaker – has plenty of accolades to talk about.”

“As a social contribution he has taken up the task of spreading Digital Literacy for Teacher Empowerment and bridging the Digital Divide in teaching learning community in School Education.”

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“As a gifted speaker and Capacity Building Professional, he has exemplary capabilities to keep the audience engaged and actively interested during his training sessions that range from simple stories to complex uses of ICT in education to Knowledge Management to Creative Arts to deep spiritual realities.”

“The fact that his sessions, oblivious of age, gender or profession, are equally enjoyed by one and all, is a testimony to the amazing quality of content and delivery.”

We work with primary, secondary and higher secondary schools approaching multi-national corporations, national companies and small- to medium scale organizations for CSR alliances that leverage the strengths of the corporate sector on behalf of the rural children.