You, as an individual or corporate organization looking to achieve social development goals, the Global Classroom is a great opportunity to actively make a difference in the lives of rural school students and teachers.

Corporate organizations like yours can pave the way to make this initiative a success on a huge scale and bring about a renaissance in the rural education system. Contact us today to create a joint CSR venture with eLMNOP and make Global Social initiative helpful to one and all, a resounding success.

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Global Classroom is a new educational approach to connect students and teachers to Experts from all over the world. Using Information and Communication Technology (ICT), rural schools are upgraded to globally connected classrooms with virtually no boundaries.

Online sessions are conducted with experts from multiple locations who provide global exposure to the students and teachers. This interaction with a network of more than 1000 experts boosts the curiosity and development of students and teachers alike.


By joining hands with Global Classroom, you can reap great benefits like creating social transformation at a grass-root level, driving personal growth in your employees and creating strong team relationships.

An invaluable aspect of Global Classroom, is the opportunity for corporate professionals to work as volunteers during Global Classroom sessions. By volunteering at these sessions, your employees can:

  • Visit the schools and help us setup and execute Global Classroom activities
  • Spend time with the students and interact meaningfully with them
  • Share their own life experiences with the students
  • Contribute to creating a global educational platform
  • Gain valuable perspective on life and connect with a higher purpose
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There are the main activities in a Global Classroom:

  • Model eSchool Development
  • eLearning for Schools
  • Student Development
  • Teachers Empowerment

As a corporate organization, you can contribute to our mission of transforming the educational system in multiple ways:

Sponsor a Global Classroom:

To make a strong contribution to the rural education system, you can join us in setting up a complete Global Classroom at a rural school. Through this, you will be sponsoring all three programs that constitute a Global Classroom i.e eLearning, Student Development & Teacher Training.

Sponsor an individual program:

As a corporate sponsor, you can provide funding for one session of one of these three activities. You can choose the program that is best aligned with your CSR motto and contribute your efforts to that specific program. Sponsoring an individual program is a great opportunity to get involved in depth with one aspect of the Global Classroom.

You can sponsor a Global Classroom for either one school or multiple schools.

Why partner with eLMNOP

eLMNOP strongly believes in the power of connectivity and collaboration and has rich experience of working with the corporates for executing CSR activities.

We work with primary, secondary and higher secondary schools and approaching multi-national corporations, national companies and small- to medium scale organizations for CSR alliances that leverage the strengths of the corporate sector on behalf of the rural children.

eLMNOP supports companies that aim to strengthen their commitment towards a positive contribution to the rural development, school development, teacher empowerment and social change and provide support to achieve their CSR objectives.