“Mr. Santosh Talaghatti’s skills, innovative ideas, inventive new dimensional projects in education and e-Governance, his multifaceted vision recommend him to be a real Avant-Gardist of this generation” – Lewis Sidebottom, Educationist, Australia.

Santosh Talaghatti, a software professional turned as teachers’ trainer and entrepreneur, came up with the idea of Global Classroom when he was doing extensive teachers’ training few years ago. Under the Global Classroom, students will get the opportunity to interact with experts across the world through audio visual system connected with Internet. “After I started teachers’ training, I felt that the goal is huge as I had to approach thousands of teachers. So, I started using audio visual medium through Internet. I also started connecting these teachers to experts across the globe. Meanwhile, I also thought of connecting students with global experts through the same system and named it Global Classroom,” Santosh Talghatti said. According to him, rural students remain deprived of access to technology and knowledge. So he started connecting the rural students on priority.

Working with Namaskar with Love Foundation is an amazing experience filled excitement, respect, guidance along with natural, scientific, spiritual explorations to serve mankind” – Team, Global Classrooms

I am always honored to participate to any Global Classroom session, this time interacting with children from rural Schools in Maharastra. Being with children and inspiring them is the most important goal that each and every adult should ever dream to accomplish. Namaskar with Love Foundation – Global Classroom, magisterially led by the artisan of this platform, Santosh Talaghatti, who had a meaningful vision – to stand for the holy right to education on behalf of underprivileged categories of children – is one of the most exquisite platform offering one to one direct experience building knowledge-sharing bridges to India coming from all over the world.” – Any Mary, Global Educator, Germany

“Global Classroom concept is my greatest wish to bridge the gap between rural and urban students making every student a global citizen based on of smart schools and villages development, initiative which aims to connect rural schools with experts all over the world, with the purpose of providing global exposure to rural school children and teachers – Santosh Talaghatti, Founder & Mentor