Global Classroom Students in Germany - Internship

As a global expert your lectures can be broadcast-ed for academic excellence, students inspiration and teachers empowerment. No matter what volunteer opportunity you choose, make it something you’re passionate about – it may be teaching drama, dance, special academic/computing/artistic skills, music, or social education and enjoy with the students and make it something special. <br><br>
<li>An invaluable aspect of Global Classroom, is the opportunity for professionals/experts/employees to work as educators/advisers/volunteers for Digitization of Rural Schools.</li>
<li> You can spend your weekend with our schools inspiring/educating students to share their knowledge on various interesting fields to bring change in education.</li></ul>

At Namaskar with Love, we count on our team as being our biggest strength so we take pride in hiring only The Best and The Brightest. We are confident that you would play a significant role in the overall success of this National Transformation Project ‘Global Classrooms’ and we invite You for the most enjoyable, learning packed and truly meaningful Internship/Volunteership experience with us.

If you are college students/working professionals and want to volunteer your skills, knowledge and Time for Nation building through online knowledge sharing, we are offering You internship/ volunteership for a period of 6 months. You will get to work with the global educators and experts; the experience is sure to leave you a lot of peace, satisfaction, enthusiasm, encouragement and Motivation in terms of global skills you’ll gain. Plus, it’s a work from any Time and Any-Where Experience and Enjoyment!

Volunteering brings million-smiles onto people and society. Another divine route to eternal satisfaction to the DOER.

What can you do as an Namaskar with Love Volunteer? Volunteering does not have to be a hard and difficult task anymore, with right intentions, sense of belonging and kindness, you can extend your valuable support in many forms. This may involve going to site/work from Home, project work, meet the beneficiary and Share the knowledge, collect information, Motivation and Inspiration etc…

Volunteering is not a “thankless” job but gateway of Gratefulness and Thankfulness.

Skilled Volunteering: One may identify your area of interest like teaching (various subjects and languages, spoken or written), counselling, health-related as a doctor, psychology students and various art-based activities.

Recreational Volunteering: Spending time with children, needy people, skits, story-based activities, activity-based learning. Volunteers need not possess these skills to teach.

Administrative, Management and Operations: This is an indirect volunteering away from needy and these volunteers can help in admin and backend operation chores.

Fundraising: Fundraising can happen either through directly involving with donors or through event creations, marketing activities through various digital media, which is a perpetual requirement in any small organisations.

Explorers and Promoting the cause:  This could begin by promoting volunteerism itself, mobilising like-minded people or colleagues and influencing more feet on the street to assist and help. Word of Mouth Volunteering is another way of silently promoting the cause and messages.

Volunteering willing to associate with eLMNOP could carry-out various activities based on Internet, promoting a cause and spreading messages, fundraising activities and events.

Who can apply:

  1. One who is enthusiastic and eager to contribute for the betterment of Self and Social Empowerment.
  2. One who is available for duration of  at least 1 to 6 months
  3. One who is pursuing any degree/Working Professional but having relevant skills and interest
  4.  One who is currently in any year of study or is recent graduate’,
  5. One who wants to Serve India with skills, knowledge and Communication.
One who has the great ambition of Learning and Collaboration for self and social development.
Join Us
Interested volunteers have to register their name on our website or contact us on mobile. Volunteers from foreign countries are also invited for online internship and they can express their interest by registering on our website or via email.Interns will be will be mentored by the eLMNOP Managers. We look forward to you joining us. Please feel free to contacts us for any information you may need.eLMNOP is a startup innovation and we love people who like to go beyond the normal call of the duty and can think out of the Surprise us with your passion, intelligence, creativity, new ideas and hard work – and expect appreciation to follow.
 Thank You,
“Let’s serve together & make a difference!”

Global Classroom Team