Service to Humanity

Namaskar with Love Foundation the first of its kind, is a “Chance Project” created to give hope to our present but also our future generation.

Namaskar With Love Foundation is an humanitarian initiative and non-profit organisation designed to generate projects that support humanitarian causes by providing material, emotional, educational, humanistic support and assistance, social and civil rights equity, offering help to all underprivileged categories of people in need, from homeless, flood victims, children, rural schools, empowering women, right to education for poor, to projects such as Transforming Education, Connecting companies on behalf of rural needs through CSR, Organizing Global Classroom sessions for cultural and educational exchange between children and sharing European experience to Teachers, Human Capacity Building Sessions, Knowledge Management platform  with the help of advanced Information and Communication Technology.

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Namskar with Love Foundation is supported by hundreds of global experts who are dedicated and committed towards quality education by effectively using technology. The innovative concept of ‘Global Classroom’ was launched to offer education to rural students.

Through Global Classrooms, experts and scholars from dedicated sectors worldwide are called to share their experiences and impart education to rural students. This helps the students gain guidance in their selected field of interest, offering varied perspectives, subject matter knowledge, and a new confidence in exploring education and the world.


New Generation being Inspired by our best Global Educators!

To Provide facilities to increase Humanitarian Services such as Women and Girls empowerment, youth empowerment, Citizen Empowerment, citizen cybersecurity, adult literacy, digital literacy, life saving activities, smart school development, Health & Care, Actions, Ethical and Spiritual Guidance for cultivating values as: Humanity, good manners, self respect and self development.

Fund Raising for equipping rural schools with facilities, Interactive Global Classroom Online Projects, Collaborative Teaching and Learning Experience, Internship services.

To coordinate with government as well as non-government organization to facilitate the functions relating to all types Humanitarian, e-Learning and e-Governance, Change Management & Capacity Building programmes and digital services

To conduct, undertake, and participate in national and international conferences, exhibitions and seminars related to Humanitarian, e-Learning and e-Governance, Change Management & Capacity Building programmes and digital services.


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