studentdevelopment - Student Development

Our interactive program for student development will engage the students to gain knowledge through an innovative approach and showcase their skills to the world. These online sessions are aimed at providing guidance from Subject Matter Experts. Our experts  provide coaching on varied aspects like homework help, tutoring, peer coaching, professional development, training and career help. Our expert team includes academician, academic tutors, educationists, career tutors.

eMLNOP courses for student development are:

  • Maths
  • Science
  • English
  • Olympiad / Scholarship
  • Drawing / Arts


Our courses brings to you the rigorous mathematics education without the limits of time and space. The ICT Maths classes are taken by different various experts worldwide, hence imparting a different perspective and teachiing style in making concepts clear. We offer both basic and high level coaching in Maths. Be it algebra or statistics, our courses are geared to impart subject training in the shortest time and convenience.


With digital e-learning, the difficult science principles are easily demonstrable and can be clearly understood. Our ICT courses have been accepted and considered standard on a global basis for offering better conceptual and scientific understanding.

A balanced initiative towards learning considering the elements like – teacher, knowledge and approach is maintained in coaching the students thereby offering an objective method to study science principles. Alternately, the interactive nature of ICT programs offers a fun-learning process resulting in a better grasp of science concepts.


English is a global language today, and mastering the skills of English can help you sail through education or work environment easily. Our ICT course in English is not only aimed at writing and academic development, but also stressing on speaking skills through its innovative and interactive online programs. Our English course is developed to offer a global exposure, by working on the all-round development of the student.

Our courses are regularly updating considering the latest in literacy standards and learning methodologies. The result is our students can think critically, can compose, respond and present their opinions in a precise manner.


At eLMNOP, we aim at an overall development of our students. We indulge in spotting their aspirations and talents in sports and arts. At our Olympiad – scholarship programs we offer our students best of emotional – financial support. Our scholarship program has rendered many worthy & talented students to pursue their desired field of education and hence an overall development. All this is achieved with a different approach of e-learning.