Teacher’s role is to facilitate learning, not merely deliver information. To do so, the teacher must have a stake in the process of self-development and growth alongside the student. Empowering teachers is one of the keys to transforming the system.

Global Classrooms’ Teachers Empowerment Program (TEP)

7 - Teacher Empowerment

Teachers need continuous support from the Government as well Private Sector for Emotional, Academic and professional development of students. We need to provide them facilities and opportunities to share best of the knowledge to children for better growth. We also need to make them Digital Literate, right from usage of ICT in Education to Cyber Security of Children – Santosh Talaghatti, Founder & Mentor, Global Classrooms

The Global Classrooms Teachers Empowerment Program (TEP) is a year-long professional development opportunity for primary, secondary and higher secondary school teachers to become leaders in global education.

TEP is integral to building new dimensional educational skills, and teachers are the greatest resource to empower students as global citizens. TEP equips fellows with the global competencies necessary to bring an global perspective to their schools. Learning and Teaching can be transformed through Innovative education using ICT, an international field experience, and global collaboration.

We are passionate believers that a strong support for Teacher Empowerment is the key to change the lives of students.

The mode of delivery will be online. Several imminent personalities and experts will deliver lectures through e-learning platform. Social Media like Facebook, Google Hangout, and Twitter will be used for group conversations, sharing of tips and techniques and eventually advancement in education. Teachers and Education Officers will be able to innovate around technological means to improve the overall quality of education.

Even after completion of the training program, the Teachers and Education Officers can remain in touch and receive constant guidance through internet thereby making it easy for them to apply this knowledge in real life scenario.

teachertraining - Teacher Empowerment

Teacher Training

Teachers are vital to student learning. They want to help their students succeed, but often don’t get the feedback and support they need to do so. Fair, thorough evaluations empower teachers to keep learning and growing within the profession by targeting their strengths and areas for improvement.

Imminent personalities from all over Maharashtra will impart interactive training with teachers. Teachers will be given a chance to present their knowledge and skills on this global platform through web conferencing. Providing educational web resources for teaching various useful subjects.

Integrated Learning

  • Inspiring Students
  • Science, Mathematics Teaching
  • English Communication
  • ICT Training
  • Study Skills

Teacher Training Program

  • Interactive Training Methods
  • ICT Training
  • Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Teacher’s Inspiration
  • English Communication

Balanced Learning

  • Expert Interaction & Evaluation
  • Value Education
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Awareness