I am Human - Women and Girls empowerment

Support women and girls living in poverty and Homeless condition

Namaskar with Love continued to assume the challenges, in many causes using personal, although limited resources to sustain those girls and woman in great needs and the schools. Even under these harsh conditions, making great efforts, hand in hand, mentor, teachers and volunteers, we are managing to overcome plenty of limits and courageously continued to unfold our work in almost 100 schools, efficiently tackling digital infrastructure, e-Learning services and Girls Empowerment.


‘An Educated Girl child of Today will be a Responsible Women of tomorrow ‘

The Empowerment of girls is a must for the betterment of our country’s future as women are a better manager in comparison to men. They can manage both her house & office in a systematic way ie. Hard for men to conquer. A  girl who plays, the vital & precious roles in mankind a daughter, a sister, a friend, a mother & wife ( when grows young). But the patriarch & hypocrite society never judge them with equality as of men.She is always considered a bit inferior to the man fellows.

Even after conquering different fields of knowledge, strength, education, games & sport’s, still, the female is considered as a burden on the family.

The girl Empowerment is the much talked about issue today. They are increasingly getting empowered to decide the aims of their lives and professions to realize the fullest of the there caliber. But to a sad demise, the girl Empowerment is still a worrying issue as many of them still leads an inferior life in comparison to the male child, which needs to be solved as soon as possible for the sake of a better living society.

The key factors to empower the girl child:

  •  Building their communication skills – Empower & Educate girls to raise the voice against harassment, backwardness, illegal activities and many other disturbing elements of the society.
  •  Provide the Leadership space – Leadership is the most important factor to grow the overall personality.Teach them the leadership factor so they may lead their lives on there own
  •  Provide Education – This is basically the Key factor of the girl Empowerment agenda as, “Educated Girls makes a better world”
  •  Mentor the girl child – Mentoring & guiding the girl child plays a vital role in developing their skills & potential so that they are provided with the best exposure “Guide a girl child, build a better life “
  • Support Every girl Around you – Be like building blocks to there lives. Support every girl you see so that they wouldn’t feel inferior in comparison to there male fellows.

Let us be a support system to them, so that quality like self-esteem, self-confidence, confidence etc grows on a major level.

The key factors can be the spine to the girl Empowerment agenda

  • They will grow on all mental, social & educational level.
  • The organization has raised a campaign to empower the girl child for the educated & responsible women of tomorrow.