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Global Classroom is the world largest eLearning Network for rural school empowerment connecting 100000 schools, donors, experts and companies across the world. We help schools from remote areas to global experts providing access the ICT tools, training, and support they need to make education more effective and impactful.

I CARE, I AM INDIA! NAMASKAR WITH LOVE FOUNDATION is an humanitarian non-profit organisation formed to support rural schools, underprivileged and girl child by providing material, emotional, educational, humanistic support and assistance, social and civil rights equity. We are offering help to all underprivileged categories of people in need, from homeless, flood victims, children, rural schools, empowering women, right to education for poor, Transforming Education, Connecting companies on behalf of rural needs through CSR activities, Organising Global Classroom Sessions for cultural and educational exchange between children and sharing International experience to Teachers by giving global exposure to rural India. We organise Capacity Building Programs through a Knowledge Management platform with the help of Global Experts and advanced ICT (Information and Communication Technology).


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 ‘Namaskar with Love Foundation’  Global Classroom, the first of its kind, is a Chance – Project created to give hope to our future generation, despite of their socio-economic background, a humanitarian cause born into the loving heart of a great Educator and Mentor, the pioneering force behind eLearning Media Network, Mr. Santosh Talaghatti, with decades of experience in Children’s needs, dreams, despair, who felt the inner call to provide needful assistance, in a state where nearly 30 million children are still out of schools by giving global exposure with future perspective and building earning potential.

This innovative initiative turned out to be the most suitable platform ‘Global Classrooms’ for improving the quality of humanitarian services and also education by effectively using technology and that makes Namskar with Love Foundation stand apart in its approach and effective implementation. We are addressing the fundamental needs of education, moreover in rural schools and colleges, with a firm belief that this noble act will indeed play a pivotal role in India’s national policy on education and humanitarian field development by bringing needful change in quality teaching and learning experience.

The GLOBAL CLASSROOMS enable interactive and innovative learning for school students and teachers. We connect experts to the students to bring about a virtual interaction, thus expanding the boundaries of a classroom to global dimensions. Experts in all school subjects, as well as successful personnel and professionals from all areas, are invited online to a direct dialogue.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cater to the educational needs of schools in rural areas so that they can be developed at par with the best private schools, providing facilities to organise Humanitarian Services such as Homeless assistance and support, Women and Girls empowerment, Social Equity, Youth Empowerment, Citizen Empowerment, Cyber Security, Adult Literacy, Digital Literacy for Rural Schools, Life Saving Activities, Smart School Development, Life Coaching Assistance and Programs for underprivileged, Indo-European and Indo-US experience and cultural exchange Programs, this is our High Social Oriented Mission.

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Despite the constraints of IT Infrastructure and resources, Namskar with Love Foundation continued to assume the challenges, in many causes using personal, although limited resources to sustain those in great needs and the schools who couldn’t afford the necessary framework that supports the running process of our programs system. Even under these conditions, making great efforts, hand in hand, mentor, teachers and volunteers, we managed, for more than 12 years, to overcome plenty of limits and courageously continued to unfold our work in almost 10000 schools, efficiently tackling children’s necessities, teacher’s and community’s expectations.
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As a global expert your lectures can be broadcast-ed for academic excellence, students inspiration and teachers empowerment. No matter what volunteer opportunity you choose, make it something you’re passionate about – it may be teaching drama, dance, special academic/computing/artistic skills, music, or social education and enjoy with the students and make it something special.

  • An invaluable aspect of Global Classroom, is the opportunity for professionals/experts/employees to work as educators/advisers/volunteers for Digitization of Rural Schools.
  • You can spend your weekend with our schools inspiring/educating students to share their knowledge on various interesting fields to bring change in education.

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If you are ready for a higher purpose that we developed in our innovative vision and significant approach to education, if you acknowledged your meaningful importance of making a change and the fact that sharing is learning from each other, than your inspiration brought you to join the right place to volunteer and fulfill your human mission too.


Your donation will certainly help uplift a child’s life and our deeds are those that make us immortal here and now, long after our physical disappearance. Your monetary assistance is certainly a welcome gesture of aware consciousness, for which we are mostly grateful.

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As we’re all born having social responsibility conscience within and not by chance it is given to us a certain possibility to exercise it in this life, we sincerely need forward your concrete support to be provided in order to sustain onward our meaningful humanitarian cause. Help us please to concretely break potential barriers, give us a real hand against poverty and a chance to rural children’s improvement progress.

A Meaningful Life is worthy of enlightening those many in need. Your funding support and donations will help us take care of all the required costs on behalf of the Humanitarian Projects for underprivileged, homeless children on streets, Rural Empowerment, Schools infrastructure improvement potential, hiring a competitive team, the necessary equipment, technology for teaching and training tools for the entire staff. We invite you to approach our schools and tell your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours about it. 

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